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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd


Dňa Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:19:21 -0400 The Wanderer <wanderer@fastmail.fm>

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> On 07/18/2014 12:56 PM, Slavko wrote:
> > Dňa Fri, 18 Jul 2014 18:10:58 +0200 Erwan David <erwan@rail.eu.org>
> > napísal:
> > 
> >> That's quite afalse this... count every package which depends
> >> direectly or indirectly on systemd, often without real need...
> > 
> > If you can decide this (i an not able this), please fill bugreport
> > about unneeded dependency against this (these) package(s).
> I think (not having done the research to verify this) that the idea is
> that some - many? - packages need PAM, and depend (perhaps indirectly)
> on an appropriate package for that, but that package now depends
> (perhaps indirectly) on libpam-systemd, which depends on
> 'systemd-sysv | systemd-shim', which results in systemd-sysv getting
> installed without notice, even though the original package didn't
> need systemd in the first place.

If some package depends on "systemd-sysv | systemd-shim", then if no one
is installed, then the first (systemd-sysv) is selected – it is
expected behavior. If one want the alternative, then must to choose it
manually. IMO, it is not possible to use testing in good way without
carefully inspecting all upgrades and dependencies installed by it.

But when one will be carefully enough, then he can get:

i A  libpam-systemd
i A  libsystemd-daemon0
i A  libsystemd-id128-0
i A  libsystemd-id128-0:i386
i A  libsystemd-journal0
i A  libsystemd-journal0:i386
i A  libsystemd-login0
i A  systemd
i A  systemd-shim    

It is form long time testing machine, where testing continuously updates
for cca 4 years (over two freezes), where i have more than 3000
packages installed. I was stressed by the systemd too, because i am
too busy to learn new boot system now, but someone on this ML describe
me the systemd-shim principle and now i am OK. I decided, that i will
test (and learn) systemd in virtual environment, and i will use it in
new machines, but this old machine will end his life with sysv, because
there is not needing to change something working for me (and waste time
with migration my custom bootscripts).

have nice day


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