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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

Le 09.07.2014 15:40, Mark Carroll a écrit :
Martin Read <zen75502@zen.co.uk> writes:

On 09/07/14 05:07, Steve Litt wrote:
[regarding double fork]
In other words, it's going to bust my program, right?

Maybe. Do the programs you launch need to outlive your session? If so, your launcher program's design will run into problems in a systemd world.

If not, you should be fine.

Hang on, that sounds scary. I'll still be able to launch something
from the shell (maybe in an xterm) with a trailing & to put it in
the background, and then log out and it will keep on going, right?

I may not have been paying enough attention ...

-- Mark

I thought that, currently, if you close the parent of "something" you have started with '&', "something" will die.
Do you speak about nohup instead?

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