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On Wednesday 09 July 2014 15.53:22 Bzzzz wrote:

> BTW, sorry to hijack a bit this thread, but what could
> be the advantages to use UEFI (I just have Debian on my
> laptop and disabled it from ancient posts I read).

AFAIK it could be usefull for *very* big disks (but I can't see their use on a 

Other than that, I can see only multiboot systems (Hackintoshes  need it). I 
don't really know about Win8 - that I don't have or use. My undestanding is 
that *pre-installed* Windows 8 require UEFI & secure boot. But I once 
downloaded a test version of Win 8 Enterprise (free from M$) and it installed 
perfectly (well... as perfectly as Windows can) on the IDE harddisk of an 
older dual-core machine, with, as far as I know, no UEFI (at least none I 
could turn on/off).


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