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Re: Different behaviour handling NFS mounts after login

Am Thu, 03 Jul 2014 02:42:05 -0600 schrieb Bob Proulx:

> Joerg Desch wrote:

> Warning.  Using "soft" can cause silent data corruption.

That's the reason I'm using "hard".

> Same with _netdev.  Personally I am
> only using "async" and nothing more these days.  "intr" is okay.

"_netdev" is good for notebooks. I've there is no WLAN available, the 
entries are not mounted. Since NetworkManager is brain-dead ;-), I'm no 
longer able to mount "shares" depending on the connected network. OK, 
that is only the half truth, since the dispatcher scripts allows 
mounting, but the developer of NetworkManager have cut-off the pre-down 
scripts, so it isn't possible to unmount the "shares". No idea why they 
have done this...

> But I am also not sure what you are asking.  Initially you wrote:
>> Two of the machines opens Nautilus after each login. Neither the other
>> installation of Debian nor a remaining MINT installations shows this
>> behaviour.
>> What's the problem here? Should I change something in the mount
>> options?
>> Or is this a setting within GNOME?

> So the problem is that Nautilus opens after a login?


> I don't see how
> that is related to NFS.  How would NFS mount options cause Nautilus to
> automatically start up at login time?

Me too. ;-) But I'm not sure. Joseph wrote a reply with this 
recommendation, so I want to give it a try.

> That sems like an autostart
> configuration of GNOME.  If you are wanting to prevent that then I would
> concentrate on looking there.

OK. I want USB thumb drives to be opened automatically, but not the NFS 
mounts. Is this possible?

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