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Re: Post-installation: how to auto-configure network adapter (ie. enable internet access)?

On 06/06/14 21:52, Horatio Leragon wrote:
> An example of an awesome answer that I got from an awesome expert on
> that awesome AskUbuntu.com is the following:
> apt-cache search java | awk '{print($1)}' | grep -E -e
> '^(ia32-)?(sun|oracle)-java' -e '^openjdk-' -e '^icedtea' -e
> '^(default|gcj)-j(re|dk)' -e '^gcj-(.*)-j(re|dk)' -e 'java-common' |
> xargs sudo apt-get -y remove
> Yet another example of an awesome answer:
> dpkg --list 'linux-image-*' \
>     | perl -ane 'BEGIN { $r = `uname -r` or die; chomp $r } print $F[1],
> "\n" if $F[0] eq "ii" && $F[1] !~ /\Q$r\E\b/' \
>     | xargs -r aptitude purge -y

Are they really awesome? What do they do? What were the questions?

The second has some significant pitfalls imho, though that depends on
the question.


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