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Re: Post-installation: how to auto-configure network adapter (ie. enable internet access)?

Horatio Leragon wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > >     dmesg | grep -i Eth
> > That assumes you have that hardware.  Other hardware will show up
> > with their own id strings.
> Sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean by "That assumes you
> have that hardware" ? I have the network card installed in my
> machine.

Ah...  Sorry.  I read that wrong.  And therefore my comment was
completely misplaced.  Sorry.  I could say how I had it wrong in my
mind but it wouldn't improve things.

> > Better to use "allow-hotplug" there instead of "auto".
> Do you mean:
> allow-hotplug eth0


> > There isn't a "dhcpcd" command in Debian.  You must be using a
> > different system with the above notes.
> The above command is copied from the following guide: http://debianletters.blogspot.com/2008/01/howto-simply-configure-network-card-in.html

Tom answered the question.

Tom H wrote:
> It's created via the alternatives system by the dhcpcd/dhcpcd5
> postinsts.

But dhcpcd5 isn't the default dhcp client.  I dare even say that it
isn't very popular as compared to the other packages available.  Your
instructions were to install dhcp3-client so there wasn't a clue that
you wanted dhcpcd5 installed.  And at the time I didn't know that
dhcpcd5 provided that command until Tom posted his answer.

You hadn't provided that URL when you asked for feedback on your
recipe.  You asked for feedback and therefore I read through and
provided feedback.  That is the sum total of things.

> You have me confused. Either you are right or the writer of the said
> guide is wrong.

Now that you have posted the URL and we see that it is from 2008 we
know that it was for a much older version of the system.  A lot of
things have changed in that time.  Regardless I applaud people who
write documentation in any form and through it try to help other
people out.  That spirit of helping others is awesome.

I think the author of that blog post was mostly right.  The "service"
command was not available then for example and so he couldn't describe
it.  However there are some important discrepancies that could have
been better.  The biggest being that it instructs to configure
/etc/resolv.conf without saying that is only when assigning a static
IP address and not when using DHCP.  Another important discrepancy is
not describing "ifup" and "ifdown" when describing the
/etc/network/interfaces configuration.

Because things do change this is one of the reasons I usually try to
reference the official documentation.  That way it will always be the
authoritative reference.  Or a project wiki page.  Because that
documentation is alive and will keep up with the current release.
That is why I referenced the Debian Reference.  So that you wouldn't
need to believe what some random person wrote in an email.  You could
read the official documentation I referenced and get the authoritative
answer without me there at all.

> > On Debian that would be "isc-dhcp-client".
> The writer of the guide states that it (the guide) is for Debian
> users. And you're telling me he's wrong.
> I'm really confused.
> I think I need a second opinion.

Second opinions are always good.  Please consult the official Debian
documentation for the official opinion.

Note that if you find any errors in the official docs that you can
file a bug against them just as you would for any software project.
And through the bug ticket you can then get the error fixed.  It is a
good system!


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