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Re: About to format the whole laptop, need some partitioning advice.

Le 05.02.2014 15:08, Anubhav Yadav a écrit :
I do not know for awesome, but for i3, the reason could be to avoid learning a new way of thinking. I3 is not only efficient in a memory and CPU point of view, but also in term of user's time, if you learn how to use it. Tiling Wm
are different from the standard ones.

I don't really get what are you trying to say? Should I go for using
tiling wms or not?
Or learning the tiling wm are too time consuming?
Anubhav Yadav
Imperial College of Engineering and Research,

Simply that, if you intend to take i3, you will have to learn to think differently. My opinion is that tiling wm are far more efficient than classic stacking window managers, but it indeed changed my habits. Since then, for example, I do not use any file explorer, they are slower than command line for most things. Of course, you still can use file explorers...

Now, i3 is the one I choose because it did not implied a lot of learning, it's configuration file is really clean: no need to learn any programming language there, but facts is that it lacks some features against more hard-core twm, for example some others have layouts: new windows does not just split current container, they are moved in a precise place of the screen. But anyway, here is a quote from i3-wm.org: "i3 is primarily targeted at advanced users and developers.". Gnome users might do not feel good there. It provide only a window manager, no menu, no desktop, etc. You will have to install those yourself.

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