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About to format the whole laptop, need some partitioning advice.

Hello list,

I have an Asus laptop, with 720 gigs hardisk and i5 processor.
Right now I have a dual boot of Windoze (only for playing fifa
and assassins creed) and debian wheezy 64 bit.

Debian takes a lots of time for booting up and some folks on irc
said that I should be trying systemd. I did that but there was no
improvement. So some people also suggested that my partitions
are somehow not right.

So now since I am about to partition I would like to know what should
be the ideal partitioning scheme.

Here is the screenshot of my current partitions.

There was a tool which gave the read-write speeds of my hdd,
that was mentioned by the guys in irc, I cant remember now, and
the speeds were very low.

So these are the questions:

1) What partitioning scheme should I choose now, If I want to have
/home, /var, /usr, /tmp on different partitions and I just want a windoze
partition of 50-60 gb.

2) As you can see in the screenshot, gparted shows that the hdd is
only 698 gb whereas when purchased it was 720 GB. Any ways to recover
the lost sectors back?

Please pardon me If I am not allowed to post link to images!
Anubhav Yadav
Imperial College of Engineering and Research,

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