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Re: OT: How to get Dot files out of the way via shell scripts

On Wed, 17 Jul 2013 06:24:46 +0200, Doug <dmcgarrett@optonline.net> wrote:
Doggpne! Just when I begin to think my German is not bad, something like
this comes along!  (It's not the first time. Quite some years ago I was
sent to Germany on business, to Stuttgart. Listening to the people in
that area speak among themselves, I could hardly understand a word! But
when they spoke to me, ein Fremder, they spoke good German.) Interesting

In the Ruhrgebiet we have our own raw German speech, but it's that close to High German, that every German is able to understand us. A few meters beside the Ruhrgebiet, in Cologne they already speak a German, that nearly no other German is able to understand.

We've got an issue with illiterate Germans and illiterate migrants. Some Germans don't speak German or any other language anymore and some migrants don't speak German or their native language anymore.

When they come to school, they don't ask their children:

"Hello! You had a nice day? What have you done in school?"

Instead they say: "Come mum! Car!" Which is for "Come to mum! Get in the car! AND HURRY UP! Mum wants to watch scripted reality and you get nothing to eat!"

Golden and platinum records rapper Bushido, does speak such a German and claims that we don't understand rapper's German, something in German similar to "kill Gayz 'n Jewz!" isn't for "kill gays and jews!", it's rapper's German and is for "we integrate gays and jews!". Some German sue him for this and other Germans award him a prize for integration. It's a fact that he and his friends are perpetrators of hard violence.

There's intimate correlation between loss of the native language and social issues. Since Germany is a nanny state, they could start with forbid scripted reality TV and other crap, but instead they force people, who don't watch TV, to pay for this crap too. If I buy an empty audio tape or an empty CD to record my own compositions, I've to pay GEMA, a collecting society that will give rapper Bushido and other criminals money.

It's a dilemma. Education for Germans and migrants is only for the rich. I'm highly gifted, but don't have money, so I'm not allowed to make a schooling as educator, but they hire me, instead of an educator and pay not enough money to survive. Now imagine somebody who isn't highly gifted, grown up in a deprived area were everybody is watching scripted reality TV and does listen to gangster rappers. This is the ultimate maximum credible situation, not an accident, since it's done by the voters.

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