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Re: Und last aptitude safe-upgrade

On Thu, 2013-04-25 at 12:52 +0200, Dan wrote:
> That means that AMD will not support Linux and X anymore? Is it better
> to use the opensource driver?

No, they don't update drivers for aged graphics, if you buy new ATI
cards, they provide drivers for current versions of X. It's likely that
the updated version of X is ok for the proprietary driver you're using.
For my ATI I need to use the open source driver, but I can forget
acceleration for some simple tasks, e.g. a transparent Xfce4 terminal is
a PITA, so I can't use it, Google Earth OTOH is ok. I experienced NVIDIA
as the better graphics regarding to the proprietary and open source
drivers, but since I use my machine for audio production, I chose the
graphics regarding to impact to audio, so I don't use always the same
graphics, but tend to switch it from time to time.

> I checked, and the kernel has not been updated.

That's strange, if you downgraded to the old version of X and the kernel
version still is the same, but it doesn't work, then something is fishy.

Was menu.cfg regenerated? Perhaps there's a bad option.
Do you use a xorg.conf?


I didn't read the bug reports, at the moment I anyway use Arch Linux and
can't help with Debian specific issues that much. However, your issue
seems not to be Debian related, but perhaps the bug reports say
something different and I'm mistaken ;).

IMO you should try to solve the issue by repairing what is broken now,
but I don't know what is important for you, so reinstalling Debian might
be the better solution for you.

Before you update, you should backup your Linux in the future.


PS: Please reply to the list only. TIA

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