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Re: Und last aptitude safe-upgrade

On Thu, 2013-04-25 at 13:10 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Thu, 2013-04-25 at 12:52 +0200, Dan wrote:
> > I checked, and the kernel has not been updated.
> That's strange, if you downgraded to the old version of X and the kernel
> version still is the same, but it doesn't work, then something is fishy.
> Was menu.cfg regenerated? Perhaps there's a bad option.
> Do you use a xorg.conf?

I can't really speak for AMD/ATI, but I ran the NVidia binary driver
from their website for a while in combination with Debian Testing.
In my experience, the driver had to be reinstalled every time the x
packages were upgraded, not just X versions, but packaging changes as
well. That was really unpleasant as it occurs quite often.
Not downloading a new driver, just reinstalling the one you already had.

Luckily, I can now use the Debian packages for the binary driver and
nouveau is also good enough if I don't run 3D heavy applications.

So maybe just try to reinstall the AMD driver?

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