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Re: rootfs

Karl E. Jorgensen wrote:
> Raffaele Morelli wrote:
> > rootfs                  322M  213M     93M  70% /
> > /dev/mapper/debian-root  322M  213M     93M  70% /
> > tmpfs                   368M   11M    339M   3% /tmp
> > /dev/mapper/debian-tmp   368M   11M    339M   3% /tmp
> Note: something odd here: / and /tmp is listed twice!?

Unfortunately that is the new normal due to the change of /etc/mtab
from being a file that tracks the mount history to being a symlink
pointing to /proc/mounts and the kernels current mount state file.  I
consider this a collateral damage regression in behavior in Wheezy due
to that change.  It will hopefully get fixed in a future version.

The kernel mounts the root file system based upon the command line
parameters passed in by grub in the root=STRING argument.  That causes
the initrd to mount / the first time.  Then later it is re-mounted due
to it being listed in the /etc/fstab.  That is the second time.

I haven't seen /tmp listed twice before but it is surely due to
something related.  Mounted as tmpfs first the initramfs probably and
then again differently in the fstab.  Perhaps doing a rebuild of the
initramfs would cache different values.  Or perhaps it is listed in
the /etc/fstab twice?

This isn't bad on LVM systems because the names are short.  But on
UUID mounts the line is too long for comfort.


P.S. See also this recent posting.


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