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Re: Using unstable for certain packages

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 10:47:50AM +0100, Kevin Chadwick wrote:
> > Personally I like the about two-year stable release schedule.  It is
> > long enough
> I appreciate knowing that our setup will not break due to this but
> also compile and download various packages like libreoffice and
> xfce-4.10.
> Now I would not expect libreoffice to be packaged but xfce-4.10 had a


$ rmadison libreoffice
 libreoffice | 1:3.3.2-2~bpo60+1      | squeeze-backports | source
 libreoffice | 1:3.3.3-4~bpo60+1      | squeeze-backports | source, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64
 libreoffice | 1:3.4.3-3~bpo60+1      | squeeze-backports | source
 libreoffice | 1:3.5.4-7~bpo60+1      | squeeze-backports | source, sparc
 libreoffice | 1:3.5.4+dfsg-3~bpo60+2 | squeeze-backports | source, amd64, armel, i386, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390
 libreoffice | 1:3.5.4+dfsg-4         | wheezy            | source, amd64, armel, armhf, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, s390x, sparc
 libreoffice | 1:3.5.4+dfsg-4         | sid               | source, mips, sparc
 libreoffice | 1:3.5.4+dfsg2-1        | sid               | source, amd64, armel, armhf, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, powerpc, s390, s390x
 libreoffice | 1:3.6.5-1              | experimental      | source, s390, s390x
 libreoffice | 1:4.0.2~rc1-1          | experimental      | source, powerpc
 libreoffice | 1:4.0.2~rc2-2          | experimental      | source, amd64, armel, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386

And yes, 4.0.x will also be in wheezy-backports when it's time for that.
Using it from "unstable" is bad, because it'll also give you a loads
of libs not in wheezy which might easily end up pullling a new libc6 etc.



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