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Re: Using unstable for certain packages

Chris Bannister wrote:
> Kevin Chadwick wrote:
> > Incidentally. I do wonder if debian stable should accelerate some
> > packages which follow a more stable dev cycle like xfce-4.10 where it
> > has already been well tested.
> Won't happen. That is what Debian Backports is for.
> IMHO it is not related to the development cycle of the software, but how
> well the software actually integrates within the Debian system. What
> criterion allows a package to "accelerate" as opposed to another?
> Upstream development habits? Is GNOME upstream better than say mplayer
> upstream? Who decides? Doesn't sound very workable, or even fair.

Agreed to all.

When people think they want something that is rolling newer then they
probably should use Unstable.  Since that gives them the upstream
versions packaged as quickly as practical for Debian.  (Except like
now when we are in a freeze before release.)  But then of course
Unstable breaks and we say that it isn't suitable for a production
system due to those issues.  If they need stability then they should
use Stable.  Of course these two directions are different directions
and people want to ping-pong between them.

And so people want to improve the process.  There people working to
change the way Debian releases in order to make something that is in
between.  Here is one:


This gets discussed periodically.  One recent discussion is here:


But we are in a freeze for release.  So really if anything is going to
happen the first thing that needs to happen is Wheezy needs to
release.  And then, after the release, then this needs to be discussed
as an improvement.  It won't do anything but frustrate people until
then since nothing can be done until then.

Personally I like the about two-year stable release schedule.  It is
long enough that I don't thrash around constantly chasing changing
projects.  It is short enough that I haven't forgotten how to upgrade
from the last one when the new one is due.  I don't think the CUT
would work very well for production systems because it would mean at
unknown times suddenly needing to react to upstream changes.  That
would cause me thrash.


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