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Re: Mail client, threads, etc...

Le 15665ième jour après Epoch,
Ralf Mardorf écrivait:

> François, a good idea to open a new subject, but keeping the id.

And Gnus, on reply on this kind of subjects, ask me if I want to remove
the [Was: <old subject>] ...

> We should be aware that newbies never ever will use (e)lisp to set up
> preferences for their MUAs, newsgroup thingies etc., they will use a
> GUI, with a menu for preferences and theay don't know about email
> headers and ids. Any selection on an open users list by something
> averaged non-experts can't know is stupid. It's completely impossible
> that this ever will work on an open users list. The experts and the
> software they use should be smarter by being more flexible.

Just some replies to others info on the thread, and on this message:

- Yes, it's recurent to read "You break thread" or "Don't reply directly
  to OP" ... IMHO, it's because this list is about Debian, but about
  /How to use a ML/ too.

- Errare humanum est, but to make a big mistake, you need a computer ;)

- I don't recommand Gnus for newbies, even if Gnus is GUI
  configurable. But I think it's really important to enlight (is this a
  real english word?) mechanisms hidden by GUI. If someone is not
  interrested, he/she can skip the text and focus only on the answer. If
  he/she is interrested, it's a way to learn.

- It's not about making selection, just about trying to explain people
  the way ML are working, and if they can learn more on their MUA to do
  smarter things. Your assertion "We are leaders, progs are tools" is
  only true if you know your tools, and it is adapted for your work. I'm
  not a leader on a car, I'm a danger ;)

I now will stop on this thread, to avoid making too much noise. Sorry
for the already-done noise.

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