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Re: Mail client, threads, etc... [Was: Sources.list Question]

François, a good idea to open a new subject, but keeping the id. Others
might think, this is bad too. I say, use a client that enables to
select, as you want the selection, even if people "use" the id in
different ways.

> But it has powerfull possibilities, and is customisable using Lisp.
> May emacs be with you.

Too funny, since somebody for the subject about tools does mention

We should be aware that newbies never ever will use (e)lisp to set up
preferences for their MUAs, newsgroup thingies etc., they will use a
GUI, with a menu for preferences and theay don't know about email
headers and ids. Any selection on an open users list by something
averaged non-experts can't know is stupid. It's completely impossible
that this ever will work on an open users list. The experts and the
software they use should be smarter by being more flexible.

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