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Thunderbird not working with Dovecot

Well, at least not completely.  I've got Dovecot up and running, but for
some reason, Thunderbird won't work with it quite right.  I'll select an
unread message, and the header will change in the display, but the body
doesn't appear - the status bar just says "Downloading message..." and
it sits there until I select another message and then go back to the one
I wanted to read, at which point it displays the message.

Watching the syslog, I can see what's happening when I move to another
message is that a *new* login connection is being established (without
closing the old one) with the IMAP server.  After I've moved around
enough times, the server logs a note saying that I've exceeded the
number of open connections that I can have and it just stops talking to
me any further until I close Thunderbird (at which point the log shows
all the connections being closed.

It never did this with the IMAP server that I was using on my old system....

My mail reader in my smart phone works just fine with it, BTW. :-)

I googled a bit and found a note about setting a Thunderbird work-around
in the dovecot.conf file and applied that, but it didn't make any

Any ideas what's causing this?  More importantly, any ideas how to FIX
it? :-)


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