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Sources.list Question

Hello List,

I am learning to help myself installing and updates some minor programs on my dedicated server and need to ask a couple of questions.

I need to upgrade Opendkim version 2.0.1 but squeeze repository remains with 2.0.1 since I started have to add opendkim to my server and this version seem never to be upgraded. However, 2.6.8 is in Debian backports repository and since I do not want to update any other areas of my server seeing the warning of incompatibilities that might be introduced by the packages using the backports could cause my system to become unsupportable I want to be carefull.

Could I just rename my present sources.list and then just create a new sources.list with just the one line "deb http://ftp.at.debian.org/debian-backports/ squeeze-backports main"
then #apt-get update
then #apt-get install opendkim
Would this be right or should I be using dpkg.

Please advice any input would be much appreciated



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