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Re: Thunderbird not working with Dovecot

Le 21/11/2012 04:44, David Guntner a écrit :
> Well, at least not completely.  I've got Dovecot up and running,
> but for some reason, Thunderbird won't work with it quite right.
> I'll select an unread message, and the header will change in the
> display, but the body doesn't appear - the status bar just says
> "Downloading message..." and it sits there until I select another
> message and then go back to the one I wanted to read, at which
> point it displays the message.
> Watching the syslog, I can see what's happening when I move to
> another message is that a *new* login connection is being
> established (without closing the old one) with the IMAP server.
> After I've moved around enough times, the server logs a note saying
> that I've exceeded the number of open connections that I can have
> and it just stops talking to me any further until I close
> Thunderbird (at which point the log shows all the connections being
> closed.
> It never did this with the IMAP server that I was using on my old
> system....
> My mail reader in my smart phone works just fine with it, BTW. :-)
> I googled a bit and found a note about setting a Thunderbird
> work-around in the dovecot.conf file and applied that, but it
> didn't make any difference.
> Any ideas what's causing this?  More importantly, any ideas how to
> FIX it? :-)

I can confirm that I have never had problems with TB + dovecot, and I
can tell you that many people use this combination. so if you have a
problem, then it's a local issue.

Can you try with a TB from another network? this is to make sure you
don't have a misbehaving FW/proxy/whatever in your path.

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