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Re: systemd intermittent startup

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 9:05 AM, "Morel Bérenger"
<berenger.morel@neutralite.org> wrote:
> Le Lun 19 novembre 2012 14:38, Ralf Mardorf a écrit :
>> Don't worry I'm tired to explain it again and again. Everybody should
>> switch to systemd, it's superb to have everything startup needs in one big
>> binary beta blob, much more sophisticated to have a big binary that isn't
>> ready yet for some distros.
> If I am not wrong, there IS such a warning if you do the switch. At least,
> if you remove the package sysvinit (or whatever name) with aptitude, it
> will ask you to write an entire sentance which explain that you are
> breaking your system.
> Note that I had this sentence with the curses interface of aptitude, and
> only when trying to remove init, not when selecting systemd, but IIRC they
> are in conflict, so installing one mean removing the second.

After you install systemd in Debian, you have two choices.

1) Add "/lib/systemd/systemd" (or "/bin/systemd") to the kernel boot
options either permanently at boot or via the bootloader

2) Install systemd-sysv (and get the warning about removing sysvinit
and having to type a full sentence) and have systemd take over init.

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