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Re: systemd intermittent startup

Hi - please trim your quotes.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 03:05:55PM +0100, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
> If I am not wrong, there IS such a warning if you do the switch. At least,
> if you remove the package sysvinit (or whatever name) with aptitude, it
> will ask you to write an entire sentance which explain that you are
> breaking your system.

The 'systemd' package can be co-installed with your regular init without
any such warning, and you can optionally use it by specifying init=/bin/systemd
on your kernel command line (via GRUB2 or whatever bootloader you use).

The 'systemd-sysv' package 'Conflicts' and 'Replaces' sysvinit, which is
marked as an 'Essential' package. Installing systemd-sysv will provoke the
message you are talking about, and is not recommended except for very
advanced users. For those who want to use systemd, just install 'systemd'
and reconfigure your bootloader.

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