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Re: systemd intermittent startup

On Mon, 2012-11-19 at 07:44 -0500, Tom H wrote:
> Nothing but innacuracy and FUD, as usual.
> As I've pointed out in another thread/post [1], you're confusing
> consolekit and policykit.

I'm not. Didn't you read the links?

>  Policykit is a standalone
> application/package. Consolekit on the other hand has been deprecated
> upstream and replaced with systemd by systemd-logind. Please point to
> an email (or a blog post) in which one of David Zeuthen, Lennart
> Poettering, or Kay Sievers has announced that policykit was being
> merged into systemd like udev.

I did post a link. It's not merged, that's not the point.

> All distributions "support udev" whether they boot via systemd or not.

Yes, for Arch Linux you just have to install systemd, then you get udev.

> systemd has been the default on Fedora for 18 months

Yes, for Fedora. But if you run other distros and they'll force you to
switch, you'll run into issues. If somebody runs Debian and isn't forced
to switch, it should be allowed to warn, that a switch will cause issues
and some issues still aren't solvable at the moment.

Don't worry I'm tired to explain it again and again. Everybody should
switch to systemd, it's superb to have everything startup needs in one
big binary beta blob, much more sophisticated to have a big binary that
isn't ready yet for some distros.


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