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Terminal Emulator (was Fwd: Re: How to set display resolution manually?)

On 11/08/2012 11:38 AM, "Morel Bérenger" wrote:
> Again... sorry for error. I do not understand, usually "reply" just reply
> to the mailing list ?
> Thanks to debian and the nice system of virtual packages, I have found
> many nice ones. Just try to search for "x-terminal-emulator".
> First, I come from XFCE4 so I used it's terminal, but it had some xfce4
> dependencies, so I tried xterm. I did not liked it at all and quickly
> changed to evilvte. Something like no deps, but not easy to configure. At
> least, the default one was not as dirty as xterm's one (seriously... black
> on white for a terminal, I can not use this :D).
> And finally, I am using lxterminal, the one which come from LDXE, which is
> easy enough to configure and very light, because LXDE sounds to focus on
> no "global dependencies", there are no "lxde-libs" or alike which allow
> things to be really modular and light.

I have configured my xterm using the following very long commandline:

$ tail -n 1 /opt/ma/bin/materm
exec xterm -T Terminal -bc -bg black +cm -cr yellow +cu -fg white \
	-geometry 80x25 +mesg +nul -rightbar +sb -sl 1000 -u8 \
	-en UTF-8 +mb -fn terminus-16 $*

Having "xfonts-terminus" installed this allows me to use
"/opt/ma/bin/materm" for a terminal-emulator with white text on black
background, a mid-sized and readable font, a yellow cursor and no
scrollbar (but scrolling up to 1000 lines up).

With CTRL-Rright Click the terminal can be further customized for one
session (if you e.g. want to reduce the font size to see more output etc.)

man xterm describes all commandline arguments if you like another
configuration more.

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