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Re: [Fwd: Re: How to set display resolution manually?]

Again... sorry for error. I do not understand, usually "reply" just reply
to the mailing list ?

Thanks to debian and the nice system of virtual packages, I have found
many nice ones. Just try to search for "x-terminal-emulator".

First, I come from XFCE4 so I used it's terminal, but it had some xfce4
dependencies, so I tried xterm. I did not liked it at all and quickly
changed to evilvte. Something like no deps, but not easy to configure. At
least, the default one was not as dirty as xterm's one (seriously... black
on white for a terminal, I can not use this :D).
And finally, I am using lxterminal, the one which come from LDXE, which is
easy enough to configure and very light, because LXDE sounds to focus on
no "global dependencies", there are no "lxde-libs" or alike which allow
things to be really modular and light.

Oh, and, what are emacs-like key binding system? I never used that editor
so I can not speak about it at all.
Keybindings in i3 are simple lines, like this (whith $mod being a variable
you defined previously in the file):
"bindsym $mod+Shift+r restart"
easy enough for me, no need to learn yet another cryptic language like
lua, haskell or brainfuck (or any other you could think) to simply
configure a program which should be just simple.

i3 only manages windows, but it do it well in my opinion. The only think
it could lack is the ability that some other twm have of complex layouts
without having to do anything. But I did not tried to dig on the ipc side
of i3, so it might do that too with little scripting.

I think that i3 is really close to UNIX philosophy, and that's good for
me, because I think I'll now write softwares in the same spirit and having
a "desktop environment" which comply will allow to make them usable even
if their features are minimalists.
And I really love it's configuration system: just simple and clear, no
programming knowledge in any language needed. But this simplicity does not
makes it inefficient for me.

But I'll try ratpoison. If I do not need to spend half a day to configure
it, I might adopt it definitely or try it's child, depending on the one
still maintained.

Note: one thing I think strange in i3 is the words they say about it: "The
usual elitism amongst minimal window managers" but I can not find where it
is elitist when it is so easy to use.

Le Jeu 8 novembre 2012 1:20, houkensjtu a écrit :
> Thanks so much for your continuous reply!
> What you said was a little bit complicated to me, and I will spend some
> time to try each solution.
> As for konsole, I also noticed its huge size. My reason is simple and
> maybe stupid...because I found it's not straight forward to configure
> font and font size in xterm. I read several articles on this topic, each
> offers different solution so I got lost. Which kind of terminal do u use,
> btw?
> Ratpoison is great. It has a emacs-like key binding system, also if you
> want, you can customize everything. I think i3 can also do most of the
> job but why not have a try. Also search for "stumpwm", really powerful
> wm, which I think is the "father" of ratpoison...
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