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Re: [Fwd: Re: How to set display resolution manually?]

Hum... strange.
I am not using kde softwares, but I do not think they could be the problem.
However, I know that i3 (my tiling window manager) have explicit
dependency on libxcb-rand0 package that ratpoison does not have (just
looking in aptitude dependencies).
Maybe the window manager needs to be indicated by Xorg that things have
changed, and i3 have this feature implemented?

If this is this problem, I can see 3 ways to go:
_ it depends on libxinerama1, maybe there is a tool like xrandr to manage
configuration. Try to search this way?
_ Another solution would be to ask them if there is a system to send to
the wm explicit demands to refresh their Xorg status knowledge.
_ And maybe you can ask them to support it, but I do not think they'll
accept (I did some twm researches before choosing i3) since they may think
that's a rodent dependency ;)

But, the question is why do you have the xrandr software installed (I do
not know which package do this) if nothing depends on it?
Users which choose tiling window managers seems to often take care to have
as less dependencies as possible (at least, it is what I have deducted
after my discovery of most known twm).
Speaking about that, I am surprised that you use a kde software (on my
system, it would use more that 300Mo for just the konsole app. Funny to
see that it have indirect but strong dependency on VLC)

Also, I wonder which kind of manager is ratpoison? Is it hard to
configure? Is it easy to use with softwares not made for intensive
keyboard use? I am happy with i3, but I could give it a try, maybe it is
even easier to use...

Le Mer 7 novembre 2012 16:16, houkensjtu a écrit :
> Thanks for detailed reply!
> I tried out xrandr, it did the trick that I got 1920x1080 resolution.
> HOWEVER, I found still the problem: I can only got 1366x768 region
> "usable" on my monitor, which means, when I start out any application,
> for example konsole, chromium, whatever, they were displayed in a
> 1366x768 region and the rest region was black. Strange thing is, I can
> move my mouse cursor out of that region into the dark region... maybe I
> should read more articles on xrandr... Thx!
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