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Re: [OT] Intelectual Property Law

Celejar writes:
> This is dogma.

It's just advice to someone who seems to think that owning copyrights
makes the publishers his "masters".

> There is a great deal of software, and certainly other cultural
> material (books, movies, music) out there which has no FLOSS
> equivalent, and I don't have the time / skill to manufacture my own.

Do as you will.  The point is, you don't actually _need_ that stuff.
You peruse it by choice (and so do I (except for the movies)).

> Is it really reasonable to refuse to read all books that have not been
> released under a FLOSS license?

It is evidently feasible to not read at all.  I'm sure you have
neighbors and/or coworkers who are living example of that.
John Hasler

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