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Re: CD image doesn't exist for download?

On 07/12/2012 12:45 AM, Charlie wrote:
  On Thu, 12 Jul 2012 05:47:40 +0200 "Ralf Mardorf
  ralf.mardorf@alice-dsl.net" suggested this:

There are trillions of tasks Linux can't do.

Obviously I'm one of those who doesn't need any of these, because I
usually feel the opposite, but don't use windows.

I suppose if you have a lot of money then applications written and sold
for windows can do anything as well?

Good to know anyway.

Thanks for that information.
I don't think there are trillions, but two examples are for real:
AutoCAD and WordPerfect.  I know there are cad programs
for Linux, but _all_ cad programs are learning-intensive, so
if you know one, then you surely do not want to learn another.
The various descendents of StarOffice--Symphony, OO, and LO
--simply cannot equal WP, and even MS Office does not have all
of WP's capability. I'm sure there are other examples.

BTW, I'm not defending Windows--I have Win7, and I hate the
damned thing!  But I use it when I must.


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