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Re: CD image doesn't exist for download?

On 11 July 2012 16:36, Kirsten Milligan <kirsten@suddenlink.net> wrote:
After several attempts over several years, I haven't yet had complete success installing Linux.  I'm hungry to learn, but am very poor at computerspeak, so please be gentle.

I'm trying again.  I know, some steps would be removed from the process if I'd buy disks, but I'd really like to master this.
Thanks very much for your attention.

Personally I recommend that you just download a (standard) CD-1 image from the Debian site as you say you are not experienced with Linux.

It will make installation easier for you, & then once that is up & running, start learning about Linux & Debian.

You will get plenty of encouragement from mailing lists & forums to help you learn your new system, but until you have a working system of your own, it will be difficult to explain things.

Another point : Do you want to replace your Win XP, or do you want to have both (dual booting) on your computer.

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