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Re: CD/DVD diagnostic tools needed

On Mon, 02 Jul 2012 08:37:34 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:

>> Optical media is more and more becoming a complete headache.
> Why? 


- Because these components are usually poorly manufactured and of very 
bad quality (mixing plastic with laser that neeed a precise calibration 
is not a bright good idea...) so it's normal to see them failing with 
weird and random errors.

- Optical media and drives are hard/costly to debug.

- Optical media and drives are very slow for today needs and standards.

- They are hard and complex to manage because the needing for specific 
drivers and applications for the OS and the rest of appliances.

> I'm a slow typist - test install completed without apparent symptoms.

Good for you :-)
> Hmmm - now that I stop and think about it. I believe all observed
> symptoms revolve around root password not being recognized.

If you reached that far it means the problem is not in the installation 
media but elsewhere.

>> Have you considered installing from USB stick instead?
> Yes. But by personality I'm the type that will the "WHY?" of a failure
> before looking for a workaround. 

The key here is "why" what?

You seemed to directly point (without providing more data) the origin of 
the problem to be on the CD medium or drive unit so you will have to ask 
you "why" you thought so.

What were the exact symptoms? What error did you get? In what stage of 
the installation appeared?

>>> I need two diagnostics:
>>>     1. verify what's on the CD matches the ISO from which it
>>> was generated.
>>>        [already have verified that the downloaded MD5SUM
>>> matches repository]
>> http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/index.en.html#verify
> debian.org reminds me of the original CPM-80 manual, info there but
> dense in all possible connotations of the word
> Perhaps I should have specified I was looking for end user friendly
> tool.

There's not such friendly tools for checking CD/DVD optical media. Now 
you see why I said there were a headache? The best example of this is 
near us, in our linux world: working and developing with the scsi 
layer  ;-)

>>>     2. verify target system reads CD/DVD correctly.
>> (...)
>> Is your CD/DVD reader capable of booting from it?
> yes

Fine then. Now you can check if the unit is also working without problems 
(reading from/writing to CDs/DVDs) once the system has been installed.



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