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Re: CD/DVD diagnostic tools needed

On 1 July 2012 15:30, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
I'm having various random problems installing from Live CD's.
The problems are weird, inconsistent, and intermittent.
The first thing is to determine whether or not I have faulty hardware, be it the target box or the box that burns the CD.

I've already run memtest86 and Seagate disk diagnostics demonstrating that problems from that area is unlikely.

I need two diagnostics:
  1. verify what's on the CD matches the ISO from which it was generated.
     [already have verified that the downloaded MD5SUM matches repository]
  2. verify target system reads CD/DVD correctly.

For the first I require both Linux and Windows versions.
The second should probably be a Live CD itself.

Any ideas?

Most likely your media (cd/dvd), or the speed you are writing at.

When you burn a disc, do you check it against the iso's MD5; it may not have burned properly.
(Also, burn at a slow speed, even if it says it can be used at high speeds. 1x~4x)

Old cd drives don't like ReWriteable discs, & some just won't read some makes of disc.

(Just a couple of problems I had in the past.)

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