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Re: backup: automount and launch an script

On 02/04/12 19:31, Camaleón wrote:
That's what usually happens when "syncing" or "mirroring", each of the
copies are keep the same but I think this can be customized, at least in
Unison. Or maybe you need a backup/archive utility more than just a mere
syncing approach.

Im still building my solution. For the shake of completeness:

unison is able to detect moved files and dont resend them.

rsync has something that is not as good -y, --fuzzy
This option tells rsync that it should look for a basis file for any destination file that is missing. The current algorithm looks in the same directory as the destination file for either a file that has an identical size and modified-time, or a similarly-named file. If found, rsync uses the fuzzy basis file to try to speed up the transfer. Note that the use of the --delete option might get rid of any potential fuzzy-match files, so either use --delete-after or specify some filename exclusions if you need to prevent this.


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