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Re: correct English usage

On Mon, 2 Apr 2012, Paul E Condon wrote:

  As far as I know, Squeeze is posterior to Lenny, and the recommended

This is the wrong word in English to describe the relation between
Squeeze and Lenny. Maybe OK in some other European language, but not
in English.
. . For named releases of software and to express a relationship in time,
posterior is the wrong word in English.

Since the thread seemed mainly about correct English usage, I thought
it would be helpful to point this out before the word got incorporated
into Debian documentation.

  I agree that it is important to have a correct English usage, at least in
  the documention, and that I am less qualified than you in that field.
  Still, I am really puzzled by what I found in several dictionnaries.
  I admit that most of the translation tools found on Internet are
  not very reliable, but I thought that it was not the case for dictionnaries.
  Here are some results I got for the "posterior" entry:

Concise Oxford English Dictionary © 2008 Oxford University Press:
    1 chiefly Anatomy further back in position . . .
    2 Medicine . . .
    3 formal coming after in time or order; later.

WordReference English Thesaurus © 2012
    Sense: Subsequent, succeeding, next, following
    Sense: Behind, at the rear, dorsal, in back o,  back

    1. situated at the back of or behind something
    2. coming after or following another in a series
    3. coming after in time

Are all these distionnaries wrong?

Pierre Frenkiel

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