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Re: backup: automount and launch an script

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 18:30:16 +0200, Alberto Fuentes wrote:

> On 02/04/12 17:04, Camaleón wrote:


>>> also, if you know of some tool that is already able to perform all
>>> these tasks, it would save me some troble :)
>> Rsync? Unison? Self-made script?
> I was thinking about using rsync. Does unison have any advantage in 1 to
> 1 syncs like the one i want to do?

They both provide a different set of features. Maybe rsync is more suited 
to be run from command line while Unison (in addition to the command 
line) adds a GUI.

> My idea is to have a external usb disk to avoid crashing/get lose
> related with the machines that hold the data, but maybe is easier (and
> as safe) if i just connect the disk (external or internally) to one of
> the machines and issue rsyncs from there... via network. I accept advice
> about this from people with experience regarding backups

I would prefer that approach of using one computer as a central point 
where the client machines put their data and then sync from there to the 
external disk. 
> One of my concerns is if there is a way to detect that the same file
> just moved. I mean, if i move a file to another folder, the rsync is
> going to just erase it and move it from source again (AFAIK). Anyway to
> avoid this pitfall?

That's what usually happens when "syncing" or "mirroring", each of the 
copies are keep the same but I think this can be customized, at least in 
Unison. Or maybe you need a backup/archive utility more than just a mere 
syncing approach.

>> There are also package divertions aimed to be used for backup/syncing
>> purposes that may include what you want out-of-the-box.
> package divertions? what do you mean? any that come to mind?

"Divertions" → "variations" in Camaleon's parlance :-P

Packages that while using rsync are targeted to another purposes (backup) 
like "rdiff-backup" or "back in time". 

> Also im thinking about encrypt the backup disk if is going to be around
> and somebody can just steal it... any recomendations for this? (i never
> used encrypted file systems coz im afraid if something is corrupted, is
> going to be harder to recover)

If the external disk is going to be used exclusively for holding data, I 
would go here for a complete disk encryption solution using luks or encfs.



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