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Re: backup: automount and launch an script

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 13:14:11 +0200, Alberto Fuentes wrote:

> Im planning to have an external usb disk that i can plug to all my
> computers, and without interaction, sync all data i want with the disks.
> Also, umount at the end and send me and email with the details of the
> backup attempt.
> The only part im not sure is how to automount the disk and launch the
> script

I bet you can use/write an udev rule to launch a script/program to be run 
when the automounter detects the device insertion.
> also, if you know of some tool that is already able to perform all these
> tasks, it would save me some troble :)

Rsync? Unison? Self-made script?

There are also package divertions aimed to be used for backup/syncing 
purposes that may include what you want out-of-the-box.



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