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Re: backup: automount and launch an script

On Tue, 03 Apr 2012 11:53:13 +0200, Alberto Fuentes wrote:

> On 02/04/12 19:31, Camaleón wrote:
>> That's what usually happens when "syncing" or "mirroring", each of the
>> copies are keep the same but I think this can be customized, at least
>> in Unison. Or maybe you need a backup/archive utility more than just a
>> mere syncing approach.
> Im still building my solution. For the shake of completeness:
> unison is able to detect moved files and dont resend them.
> rsync has something that is not as good -y, --fuzzy
>                This option tells rsync that it should look for a basis
> file for any destination file that is missing.  The current algorithm
> looks in  the  same directory as the destination file for either a file
> that has an identical size and modified-time, or a similarly-named file.
>   If found, rsync uses the fuzzy basis file to try to speed up the
>   transfer.
>                Note that the use of the --delete option might get rid of
> any potential fuzzy-match files, so either use --delete-after  or
> specify some filename exclusions if you need to prevent this.

I forget about "rsnapshot" which can be also useful for your purpose.
And here there's an article for backing up to external devices.

Backups with rsnaphot to external USB drives

As you are not going to run a daemonized version of the program, you 
could add a simple script from udev that runs "rsync/unison/rsnapshot/
whatever" which sends you an e-mail with a report once it finishes the 
copy routine by means of/using the included perl script 



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