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Re: free software mini pc

Alex Hutton wrote at 2012-02-14 06:26 -0600:
> There was an interesting article about the Trim Slice posted a few
> days ago, I don't know if you saw it:
> http://blog.sesse.net/blog/tech/2012-02-12-21-43_playing_with_the_trim_slice.html

Thanks, I had not seen that yet.  Reading that certainly suggests that the 
Trim-Slice is not ready for a production desktop system yet!

with custom kernel, assuming that blog is correct:
- slow transfers and frequent bus resets
- power saving not fully implemented
- DVI port trouble at high resolutions
- unstable wireless driver

> To repeat Christofer's question though, what's the problem with a
> non-standard kernel? I get the feeling that these ARM computers that
> are coming out are going to be reliant on customised kernels for some
> time. If the customisation of the kernel can be managed in a
> standardised way, then it shouldn't be a problem.

I am *not* looking for disposable hardware.  I am *not* interested in 
purchasing a maintenance burden.  I need *rock-solid* *long-term* Linux 
reliability on *rock-solid* hardware.  Will Compulabs continue to provide 
updated custom kernels a year or more from now?  I doubt it, considering that 
the custom kernel they provide for their product now does not work (strictly 

Frankly, I am surprised that comments here suggest apathy and even hostility 
toward (that is, questioning the value of) a search for a strictly "free 
software" device, especially considering Debian's social contract and the 
purpose of reducing maintenance requirements.  Do you or others here enjoy 
purchasing a system on which Linux does not work correctly until months 
later, if ever?

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