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free software mini pc

I need a fanless mini PC; it will run Debian.  It will be used in a 
production environment.  I need good Linux support to facilitate fast 
deployment and low maintenance.  Avoiding non-free software really helps in 
that regard, so I consider non-free firmware barely tolerable, while 
out-of-tree kernel modules and things like ndiswrapper are definitely 

I have been surprised how many devices tout Linux in various ways but have 
partial mainline Linux support.  Or instead, I am simply unable to find 
itemized information about Linux kernel support.  Just because they ship with 
Linux (often Ubuntu) does not mean it is not a custom/tainted kernel.

The other requirements:
- ≥800 MHz processor speed (for x86, or equivalent for another architecture)
- ≥1 GB memory
- VGA (possibly using an adapter)
- ≥2 USB connectors
- audio, including a microphone port
- 1 ethernet port
- wireless: 802.11bg (PCI, PCIe, or etc, NOT external dongle; n is optional)
- >25 GB flash memory (on-board, mSATA, SATA with 2.5 inch mount, or etc.)
- no fans

I have looked at:
- Norhtec MicroClient JrMX
- fit-PC2 (custom kernel, GMA500 issues?)
- Linutop 4
- Trim-Slice H (custom kernel)
- D2Plug
- Aleutia devices (just mentions Ubuntu)

Comments appreciated!

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