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Re: free software mini pc

Stan Hoeppner wrote at 2012-02-11 21:15 -0600:
> On 2/11/2012 8:09 PM, green wrote:
> > I need a fanless mini PC; it will run Debian.  It will be used in a 
> > production environment.
> [...]
> > Comments appreciated!
> What type of comments, exactly, are you looking for?  You've got 6
> systems listed, 3 apparently meeting all your criteria--you listed no
> red flags for those 3 anyway.

Sorry, I guess that mail was not quite ready when I sent it.

How about this:
- Norhtec MicroClient JrMX (only mentions "Linux", no other information)
- fit-PC2 (custom kernel, GMA500 issues?)
- Trim-Slice H (custom kernel)
- D2Plug (no information: "d2plug" only mentioned once in plugwiki)
- Aleutia devices (only pre-installs Ubuntu, no other information)
- Linutop 3 (uses Ubuntu rescricted modules)

> So what exactly are we supposed to be commenting on?

Basically like, "hey, here is a link for Linux mainline status on the 
D2Plug."  Or a suggestion for a different device.  I have searched and 
searched and have found lots of products but so far nothing with *real* Linux 
(mainline) support.

Thanks lots.

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