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Re: My network speed is only 10MB

On 2/5/2012 2:33 PM, Camaleón wrote:

> It's okay, Stan. I don't know why most of the replies in this list end 
> this way with you.

Not all do.  Some do.  And the reason is that I'm a stickler for
technical correctness, I guess, and I don't like seeing misinformation
spread across the web.  Yes, I'm a one man internet correctness police
force.  I stay really busy.  ;)

Speaking seriously now, you stated shielded twisted pair is a superior
choice over UTP, which simply isn't the case.  Many people on this list
highly respect your opinion, and rightfully so, because you provide
timely excellent advice and help with Debian, all day, every day (you
must have a couple of clones).  You've helped me with package issues a
number of times over the years, and I am grateful.  Thank you again. :)

In this case, however, your opinion on STP is not shared by most of the
rest of the technologically developed world.  Thus I simply wanted to
make sure that people understand UTP is the primary choice for
structured copper data cabling, not STP, and the reasons why.  STP may
be the best fit for your situation, but it is not for most other situations.

It wasn't my intention to argue or disagree with you, or your choice for
your environment.  If I did, and became side tracked and argumentative,
was not fair with you, etc, then I apologize, as that was not my intention.

/extends olive branch

Still friends?


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