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Re: My network speed is only 10MB

On 2/4/2012 6:53 AM, Camaleón wrote:

> No, I can't see why is not that popular within the US, there are many 
> advantadges for having shielded cables because external interferences -
> that are not always under your control- still apply (e.g., wireless 
> connections, proximity to high power lines or electrical equipments...) 
> whose effects can be properly minimized with cabling shielding. 

These same effects are eliminated, in the US, by installation standards.
 These are are always under the control of the installer/contractor.
There is no guess work involved and everything is predictable and "under
your control".

Wireless signals do not affect UTP ethernet cabling.  Proximity to
internal AC cabling, induction sources such as power distribution
closets, AC motors, florescent lights, etc, is avoided during building
construction or retrofit, because the cable plant is included in the
architectural design, just like water pipes, sewer pipes, electrical
conduit, etc.

In the US, in the case of environments such as manufacturing floors etc
with horrific EMI levels, fiber is used instead of UTP CAT5/6.  With EFI
levels that high, even STP won't save you.

In summary, when installed correctly, UTP ethernet cable is superior to
STP, due to the lower cost of the cable, connectors, and patch panels,
and labor.

Something worth mentioning is that over the past 10-12 years, a high
percentage of new large office buildings and high rise apartments
constructed in the US have had 100% fiber cable plants, no copper
whatsoever, even including fiber into the cubicles.  The only copper UTP
in such facilities being patch cables from servers to core switches and
between switch stacks.  Note that datacenter copper is not part of the
cable plant.  "Cable plant" is the slang term for "structural cable
installation", plant used as a verb, analogous to planting tomatoes in
one's garden.

Cost is one of the drivers.  Today a 1000ft spool of 62.5/125 multimode
fiber is equivalent or cheaper than CAT6a UTP.  The installation labor
is about the same as UTP.  We'll continue to see more fiber to the
desktop as the cost of copper continues to increase.  The switch cost in
an all fiber plant is higher per port due to the multimode transceivers,
but not prohibitively so when purchased in volume.


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