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Re: radeonhd removed from Testing ... in February, still gone?

On Mon, Jan 02, 2012 at 05:00:22PM +0000, Camale?n wrote:

> I don't think the current experience with VGA cards is "bad" but 
> "annoying". But how can you|we enhance it from Debian's side? Debian 
> can't include closed source drivers nor blob by default (the same goes 
> for wireless cards that need proprietary drivers...), and that's why most 
> of Debian users do love the distribution. I think there are another 
> debianized distros (Ubuntu, Mint?) oriented to average users that do 
> provide (or at least facilitate) the installation for such closed source 
> drivers.

Sorry, I seem to be expressing myself unclearly.

If one chooses to install the non-free blob and/or driver, it should be a
transparent process, not this bizarre "you just have to know to run this
modprobe command" system.

And answering text I removed: no, the script did not tell me anything.
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