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Re: radeonhd removed from Testing ... in February, still gone?

On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 13:59:51 -0500, Carl Fink wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 06:36:30PM +0000, Camale?n wrote:
>> > What firmware package?
>> Some ATI cards need "firmware-linux-nonfree" package to enable 3D
>> acceleration:
> I figured that out, but installing it had no effect. 

You had not to "figure" but "read" the logs ;-)

If something beyond the open source driver is needed it will be put 
there. If something is wrong with the driver there are also chances that 
it will be visible at the logs.

Logs are linux users best friend :-)

> And if it's required WHY AM I SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THAT OUT? Why isn't it
> a dependency for the fglrx or radeon packages?

Uh? You're using linux, reading is a must :-)

OTOH, it cannot be never a hard dependency because the firmware blob is 
propietary code and not available at Debian free repos. Anyway, fglrx 
driver has nothing to do here, we are talking about "radeon" driver.

> Or at least pop up a message telling me it might be needed?

Yes, that would be nice. But again, this "message" uses to be at the 
logs. A pop-up window will require users to be inside some kind of 
grahical desktop (GNOME, KDE, XFCE...) and that's not always the case.
>> Magic is scarce in these days and your linux box needs a bit of user
>> action to be properly setup, mainly when it comes to configure VGA
>> cards :-)
> That's the wrong attitude, in my totally non-humble opinion.

Then you should reconsider your whole linux attitude. 

This is not an isolate case, I'm afraid. Sadly there are not many 
hardware manufacturers that develop their products taking into account 
linux not provide completely open source drivers nor even publish their 
product specs for someone to develop the drivers. 

> Look at BlueTooth. Here's what I had to do to get BlueTooth working on
> my netbook:
> 1)Plug in the adapter.
> That's it. Everything else happened spontaneously. It even volunteered
> to set up my cell phone as a modem. I know video card makers don't make
> things simple, but that should be the target for all Debian hardware
> support.

Congrats for having bought a BT hardware that is fully compatible with 
open source drivers. Next time consider in buying an open source friendly 
VGA card ;-)



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