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Re: radeonhd removed from Testing ... in February, still gone?

On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 01:11:50PM +0000, the estimable Camale?n wrote:

> Maybe because radeonhd has been superseded by radeon driver:

Yeah, I see that now.

> Hum... no, it's not. It seems to be only available for one architecture 
> (m68k).

That must be what my web search found. Maybe it should be removed?
> Did you install the firmware package? 

What firmware package?

I have an actual point: why should I have to know that I must install at
least three packages which don't depend on each other to get GLX support?
Surely that's the sort of thing that should happen automagically?

> Anyway, I would open a bug report if radeon, for whatever reason, does not
> work.

I will. Thank you very much.
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