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Re: problematic poweroff on shutdown

G'day Curt.

On 03/01/12 02:34, Curt wrote:
There's nothing in the logs to distinguish the no poweroff shutdowns
from the poweroff ones (I don't think; I have looked).

I wouldn't think there would be at the very end, because everything is expecting to be powered off. Which makes everything all the more tricky. I'm assuming this is a laptop?

There's a couple of things you can try, but I would suggest looking at playing about with "reboot=" kernel parameters. This is a pretty straight-forward thing to set up but will require some trial and error to see what works. Have a look here:


(Just press "e" and add them to the kernel temporarily initially. If you find one that works you can set it up in grub later on)

Also, does this occur only on shutdown? Does it happen sometimes if you're rebooting rather than powering off?

Another option is to update to a newer kernel - could please clarify what you're using (Squeeze, Wheezy etc)?

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