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Re: [SOLVED] virt terminal font problem

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On Mon, Sep 05, 2011 at 06:17:57PM -0400, Whit Hansell wrote:
> Ivan and group.  I went ahead and tried resetting the "radeon
> modeset] to 0 which is linux for [OFF], and voila' it worked.
> Shazaam!  What do you know.   I was afraid I was going to hose it
> all up but nope, it came up just like it was 'sposed to.  Ivan,
> thank you for your help, so much.  I'd gone nuts trying to google
> the answer to this mess and you directed me to the correct
> procedure.
> I've been upgrading wheezy almost every day and it seems like once a
> week there is a group of messages that I had never received before
> in Lenny stating that I needed more radeon drivers or firmware or
> something and I had even hunted to see if I could find them but no
> joy there either.  So hopefully since I'm not loading the radeon
> driver anymore, at least the radeonFB one I am guessing, maybe I
> won't get those messages any longer.

Have you got firmware-linux installed and updated your initramfs?

% dpkg --get-selections | grep firmware-linux
firmware-linux					install
firmware-linux-free				install
firmware-linux-nonfree				install


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