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Re: virt terminal font problem

>>>>> Whit Hansell <skipper44@comcast.net> writes:


 > I had a problem when I purchased a new monitor, an LCD, and it
 > required me to put "vga=785" at the end of the Kernel line in
 > menu.list file in order to get any video out of the Virtual Terminal
 > (F1-6).  Now that I have reinstalled w. Wheezy, I have the Virtual
 > Terminal but the font size is extremely tiny.  I cannot see it well
 > at all and I have a vision problem to start with.

	Newer Linux & userland VT tools' default is to use video card's
	graphics mode via a framebuffer console driver, instead of the
	text mode, which was the older default.

	My guess is that blacklisting the framebuffer drivers in
	modprobe.d(5) will allow one to use the text mode as before, but
	I haven't tried it yet.  (I currently have no access to a
	hardware running Wheezy.)

	It's also possible to use the Terminus fonts (as of
	console-terminus, IIRC), e. g.:

$ setfont -f /usr/share/consolefonts/Uni3-TerminusBold28x14.psf.gz 

	Depending on the actual screen resolution, a font of up to 32x16
	pixel size may be chosen.

 > This problem w. terminal starts after boot when it gets to a certain
 > point, I'm assuming init.d, but not sure.  While it's trying to check
 > hardware items it's fine, the standard 80 X 25 large font terminal
 > screen.  Then all of a sudden it changes to the small/tiny font

	… And it's the time the framebuffer drivers get loaded.

 > and just before it brings up the splash screen, it sometimes messes
 > up the whole screen and puts across the top of the screen garbled
 > lines for just a second, then the splash screen pops up and I have no
 > problem logging in.

	Note also that since newer reboot(8) doesn't go through the BIOS
	(it only reinitializes the kernel), the screen will be garbled
	at reboot as well.


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