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virt terminal font problem

Maybe someone can help me here. I've googled all over and cannot find an answer to my problem. I had been running Lenny before Squeeze went stable, then installed Wheezy testing because I wanted to get back to running testing again instead of stable. I've been running Debian Linux since 2002, and since approx 2004, been running testing until Lenny became stable. I had heard that there were going to be a bunch of changes in Squeeze/testing and did not want to take a chance of having a Problem w. the new testing so stayed w. Lenny when it went stable.

I had a problem when I purchased a new monitor, an LCD, and it required me to put "vga=785" at the end of the Kernel line in menu.list file in order to get any video out of the Virtual Terminal (F1-6). Now that I have reinstalled w. Wheezy, I have the Virtual Terminal but the font size is extremely tiny. I cannot see it well at all and I have a vision problem to start with.

This problem w. terminal starts after boot when it gets to a certain point, I'm assuming init.d, but not sure. While it's trying to check hardware items it's fine, the standard 80 X 25 large font terminal screen. Then all of a sudden it changes to the small/tiny font and just before it brings up the splash screen, it sometimes messes up the whole screen and puts across the top of the screen garbled lines for just a second, then the splash screen pops up and I have no problem logging in.

That is no real problem because it still boots fine and I have dmesg if I need it using the gnome terminal program. But I do like to use the Virtual Terminal (F1-6) and when I go into any of them, I end up w. the tiny font.

There is no menu.list anymore. Wheezy has changed the boot setup. It is so different and Wheezy is so new that I can't find anyone else who is having the same problem who has figured out how to correct the problem.

I would try to send this in as a bug but I don't really think it's a bug. I think it's an anomoly, or if it is a bug it sure is not important enough to cause a stir at a bug fest.

Has anyone any knowledge of manipulating font size in Virt Term in Wheezy? Any help will be appreciated. It is not an imperative as I can and do use the gnome terminal program but it would be nice to be able to use the Virtual Terminal because once in a while.

Thanks in advance and cheers.


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