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Re: more woes with my debian install: booting edition

On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 6:08 AM, Mark Neidorff <mark@neidorff.com> wrote:
> My current suspect list for your problems:
> Bad CD
> Incompatible version (64 bit) for your video card.
> Bad CD drive.

things get interesting now. while talking to a buddy about this issue
he wanted me to humor him by trying a unbuntu install. first try i got
the same black screen nothing happening deal that i get with debian.
but! while searching around on how to fix things like that in unbuntu
i discovered the F6 menu, install options. trial and error got me to
find ACPI=OFF which got the install to actually show.

so i went into my bios and disabled ACPI, debian actually gets into
the install. not only that but its actually boots into debian!
... only just. the video display is stuck at something horrible like
800x### with no other options then 640x###. likewise debian cannot
read my monitor or detect the secondary one.

both of these were possible in the very first time debian installed.
the time when i went so far as to install other programs. both my dell
monitors showed and were able to display in there native 1024+

once i turn ACPI back to on, nothing works again.

> OK.  here are suggestions  to eliminate 2 possible sources of problems?
> First, test the CD.

i have a second cd rom...   but its less reliable then the one
installed to the machine!

> Second, can you get to the point where you choose the installation mode?  If
> so, can you select a non-graphical(text) mode install?  Does that work?  The
> fact that you can get the gpartd CD to boot is a good sign.
> Thirdd, download and try a 32 bit CD.  I recall seeing some problems with some
> video cards and the 64 bit distro.  I looked up your card, it is 4 years old,
> and should be well supported, but you just don't know.

> Nice and high end.

slow by CGI workstation standards...

> Here, I run into my limit of being able to help you.  I have no experience
> with dual CPU installations.  It **shouldn't matter** (TM), but it is another
> variable to explore.

while mucking about on the internet i have come across this page[1].
and its important parts:

"Beware: Two Versions of Tyan n6650w (S2915 and S2915-E)

The early release of the Tyan Thunder n6650W (called S2915) only
supported the second generation dual-core 2200-series (or 8000-series)
processors. There were numerous problems associated with the BIOS
(ver. 1.00). Since then Tyan has fixed all known problems; and then,
they released the new version (S2915-E).

Without being aware of this, I previously obtained the S2915 (about a
year ago) thinking that it supported quad-core processors. My mistake
for not checking Tyan web site prior to purchasing it, but because I
found it cheap on eBay, as in retrospect I was sure the previous owner
tried to get rid of it. I encountered various problems from not being
able to successfully boot into Linux to BIOS configuration issues that
underrated the CPU performance. In fact, without knowing the support
issue, I first tried to put two quad-core processors only to find out
the system did not boot.

Originally, I used two dual-core 2216 (2.6GHz) and found various
strange inconsistent benchmark scores by SiSoft Sandra XII (2008). The
CPU's Arithmetic and Multimedia scores were so low that I was forced
to suspect they were due to software compatibility. Strangely enough,
I played around with the BIOS, setting different multiprocessor
specification, including ECC options, Hammer HT setting as well as OS
installed preference. The benchmark scores yielded differently for
each test. One instance, the score yielded "

On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 8:06 AM, Lisi <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> wrote:
> I wonder whether your image is for some reason misregistering on the monitor
> and moving too far to the left?  You *should* get a flashing underscore after
> booting into recovery mode, and it is the signal to enter your root password.
> Have you tried that?

that is 100% my fail as a photographer. there is a flashing _ _ _ _
at the bottom left, but no keyboard inputs seem to make a bit of

> If so, have you tried adjusting your monitor so that the image moves to the
> right?

LCD = no adjustments.

thanks a lot for help on this very annoying issue. i do appreciate it.


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