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more woes with my debian install: booting edition

for those who are not fallowing, i last posted to the list about not
being able to see anything on my machine past the debian squeeze
install menu.
well that was solved a few days ago. and since then i had been able to
boot my machine into debian several times [possibly 6 at most]

todays issue is a flashing underscore after the grub bootloaded
bootloads the debian image.
i had selected the recovery option, just to see what would happen.
the post messages stopped at performance events: amd pmu driver and
some important stuff was listed after that. honestly i tried
understanding it but all i can get from the messages is that the cpus
did not initialize?

please see image below.

i would appreciate any help that can be offered in the matter, i want
to go back to using debian...

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