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Re: more woes with my debian install: booting edition

On Saturday 03 September 2011 4:53:02 pm jeremy jozwik wrote:
> > 1. Did you do a media check (sha1sum or whatever) on the install CD?
> nope. though during my troubleshooting of debian 6.0.2 i used my
> "known to be working" debian 5.0.2 install disk and received the same
> results. black screen after installer menu.

My current suspect list for your problems:
Bad CD
Incompatible version (64 bit) for your video card.
Bad CD drive.

OK.  here are suggestions  to eliminate 2 possible sources of problems?  
First, test the CD.
Second, can you get to the point where you choose the installation mode?  If 
so, can you select a non-graphical(text) mode install?  Does that work?  The 
fact that you can get the gpartd CD to boot is a good sign.
Thirdd, download and try a 32 bit CD.  I recall seeing some problems with some 
video cards and the 64 bit distro.  I looked up your card, it is 4 years old, 
and should be well supported, but you just don't know.

Another thought:
Do you have a different CD drive available?  Can you beg/borrow one to see if 
the drive is faulty?

> > 2. Can you please state what your PC specs are for CPU, RAM, video and
> > interfaces?  (IDE, USB, etc)  Does the CD that you downloaded match your
> > hardware specs?
> dual dual core amd opteron 2.6ghz 64 bit
> tyan s2915 main board
> 12 gig ram
> nvidia quadro 5600 vid card
> 3 sata drives, boot drive partitioned with half windows XP 64bit and
> half debian squeeze < --- operating system with errors.
> yes, i downloaded the amd64 arch.

Nice and high end.

Here, I run into my limit of being able to help you.  I have no experience 
with dual CPU installations.  It **shouldn't matter** (TM), but it is another 
variable to explore.

> > 3. What evidence do you have that the PC hardware is not at fault?
> windows runs 100% fine. gparted boots from live cd, in the process of
> testing a unbuntu usb live os.
> > 4. Have you tried a complete reinstall?
> no, install leads to hanging black screen infinity after install menu
> option is chosen.

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